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Legal Notice

Website owner


Brunner Limousine Service GmbH
Flughafenstrasse 11
CH-9423 Altenrhein

Website implementation

ICT Sourcing GmbH
Weidstrasse 32
CH-8808 Pfäffikon SZ


Exclusion of liability

VIP-DRIVER reserves the right to make changes to this website at any time. Terms and content published on this website are binding. For individual order amendments placed by mail or other media, no rights and obligations can be derived from website publication in relation to VIP-DRIVER, its organs and employees. The same applies for publications of and about VIP-DRIVER, as well as for third parties; VIP-DRIVER declines any liability here as well. An order confirmed in writing or by other means to the customer is considered binding.

A "business transaction" must be accepted by both parties via mail or with a valid confirmation. Our general terms and conditions apply, which we are happy to send to you with the order confirmation.

A contract shall come into being as the result of the order from the customer or the completion and confirmation of the web order form by the customer and the confirmation or performance of the order by VIP-DRIVER and its employees.

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