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General Terms and Conditions

A contract shall come into being as the result of the order from the customer or the completion and confirmation of the web order form by the customer and the confirmation or performance of the order by VIP-DRIVER GmbH.


Price and scope of driving services

The following services are included in the prices quoted: Vehicle, vehicle upkeep and insurance, driver, fuel, complimentary water up to 8 people (still or sparkling).

The arrival and return journeys, including standing or waiting times, are included in the driving services and are billed to the customer.


Not included are

Additional mileage and waiting times. Parking fees, any tunnel tolls or motorway fees outside of Switzerland, telephone calls and expenses for customer special requests not agreed upon.


Additional surcharges

Night driving service between 19:00 and 07:00, weekend and holidays per day, driver expenses (starting after 4 hours for meal costs), hotel overnight stays for the driver per night, child car seats and Internet access per day.


Prices and payment terms

The valid prices can be found on the current price list. Incidental travel costs are due before that start of the trip. For organised travel, the corresponding order confirmation applies. This also regulates the payment terms.

All prices are shown in CHF (Swiss francs) and excluding VAT of 8.0%. Payments in euro or US dollars are also possible. Such payments are calculated at the relevant daily exchange rate.



These are voluntary and at the discretion of the customer as a thank-you for good service and friendly, attentive assistance.


Liability for unanticipated incidents

VIP-DRIVER accepts no liability for incidents resulting from force majeure. In particular, these include forces of nature, traffic jams, vehicle breakdowns, accidents, incorrect pick up or destination information from the customer or other unanticipated events which are outside our control.

Customer Liability

All VIP-DRIVER vehicles are non-smoking. Exceptions will not be permitted. Cleaning costs resulting from staining of the vehicle interior will be invoiced to the customer.


Cancellation Charges

When cancelling a driving services contract after a confirmed order, the following provisions and conditions apply: Limousines, vans and minibuses for up to 7 persons
Within 48 hours of the start of travel 50%
Within 24 hours of the start of travel + no show (passenger/s do not appear) 100%

Minibuses for up to 8 persons and coaches
Up to 20 days before the start of travel CHF 50.00
19-10 days before the start of travel 10%
9-4 days before the start of travel 20%
3-0 days before the start of travel + no show (passenger/s do not appear ) 100%


Work and Rest Period Regulation

With regard to the necessary adherence to legal requirements, in particular the Ordinance on Working Hours and Rest Periods for Professional Vehicle Drivers (WHRPO), a second driver is used, if required by the program The maximum driving time of 9 hours and maximum working and attendance time of 13 hours (in exceptional circumstances, 15 hours) per workday must not be exceeded.

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