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Business Trips and Road Shows


Business Trips and Road Shows

Concentrate on your upcoming appointments and let us do the driving on the way there and back.

When you plan to be on the road for several days in Switzerland or in other nearby countries… Let us know ahead of time, and we can assist you in planning the arrival times and routes to your desired destinations. You will be accompanied by a friendly driver from VIP-DRIVER!


Our service is focused on your needs.

We transport you or your sophisticated guests with that "something extra". You can always expect luxury, safety and discretion. Enjoy the feeling of being in good hands.


Indulge your friends, partners and family with a sign of appreciation: what about a custom-planned sightseeing tour in Switzerland or a neighbouring country? Celebrate a successful event or meeting with your guest or customers at a special spot? We know many interesting destinations.

Let us know if you would like suggestions for a special shopping tour, a city sightseeing tour, or an interesting tour of a local highlight: (chocolate manufacturing, cheese making, glass manufacturing, watch factory, etc.).

Or a trip through the Gotthard Pass in Tessin (assuming good driving conditions), in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, or in regions of neighbouring countries, like the Black Forest, Elsass, South Tyrol/Lake Garda, Italy, France. Attend a football match or other large event (Munich: Alliance Arena, Milan: San Siro), etc.

We can also drive you on tours of snowy or rainy weather, for an unique experience.

Customer opinion
Drive yourself? No thank you! I prefer to use driving time to prepare myself for the next business meeting. Or to have a good discussion with my guests in the VIP-DRIVER vehicle, in a maintained and discreet atmosphere.

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